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Parkview Houses


June 2020

Pour yourself a generous glass of bubbles – our Parkview Homes are now all complete! We couldn’t be happier to welcome the last of our Parkview homeowners to the neighborhood. From here on in we’ll get your streetscapes in tip-top shape as we work through the remaining civils. If you’re living at YarraBend, keep your eyes on your inbox for further updates.

May 2020

And then there were 68! With only 2 to go, this corner of YarraBend is almost complete. We’re also set to tackle the last of the streetscape works and rain gardens – a green initiative that helps protect waterways (including our neighbour the Yarra) by capturing stormwater. Clever, huh?

April 2020

Sixty-three homes settled, seven to go. We’re so close we can almost taste the celebratory champagne. Stay tuned, our teams are working hard to ensure our final homeowners have keys in hand as soon as possible.

March 2020

Only thirteen homes to go! With construction and landscaping due to be completed by the end of the month, now’s the time to put the champagne on ice. To say we’re excited to hand over the last sets of keys is an understatement.

February 2020

Since returning from a well-earned break, our teams have been busy completing the footpaths and a number of homes along Beckwith Avenue. Up next: finishing the last 24 Parkview Homes, planting their nature strips and welcoming their owners to the community. The finish line’s in sight.

December 2019

The Parkview precinct has come leaps and bounds over the last month. The footpaths on Beckwith Ave are being prepped and poured, the majority of the scaffolding is now down and as external works start to wrap up, there’s greater access than ever before.

Over the coming week we’ll be planting more street-side trees. And in other exciting news, the pedestrian access to the riverbank is now open (look out for our freshly-installed signs).

November 2019

34 built with the final 36 underway.

We're focussed on upping the street appeal for those who've moved in. By fast tracking the remaining external facade works we'll be able to take the scaffolding down sooner rather than later.