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Artist Profile: Kennan Mendis AKA Kenzopaints


Creating under the handle 'Kenzopaints', local artist Kennan Mendis takes inspiration from the pop-art movement and the colours he encounters in nature. The result? Bold works that will brighten both your home and mood. Having commissioned a mural at YarraBend, we chatted with Kennan about his practice.

Q Who are your biggest artistic influences?

A — Amazing pop-artists like Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and Yayoi Kusama are my biggest influences. I’ve always been drawn to bright, vibrant colours and shapes.

Q Where do you find inspiration?

A — I find inspiration everywhere, that’s the best thing! Sometimes you can feel creative by looking at the most traditionally mundane of things. If I had to pinpoint something, I'd say I’m inspired by the colours in nature (think: the sky, pretty flowers, the beach).


Q What’s your favourite medium?

A — While painting on canvas is fun, there’s something extra special about painting on an untraditional surface. I loved painting my mural on the bricks at YarraBend.


Q How do you get your creative gears turning if you’re feeling uninspired?

A — Going for a walk can do wonders.


Q What’s your dream project?

A — One day, I’d love for my painting designs to be made into clothing. What’s better than looking at art? Wearing it.

As well as making YarraBend a design-driven neighbourhood, we're committed to supporting artists and makers. We encourage you to follow @kenzopaints on socials, and have included links below.


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